The first (and last) 10 books

Book No.1

title: The Magic of the Algorithmic Self

genre: fan non-fiction

theme: private / the good life / how to live well, individually

Book No.2

title: The Black Knight

genre: children’s books

theme: magical realism / contemporary fairy tales

Book No.3

title: The Complete Instruction Manual for Professional Services Professional

genre: business books

theme: how to run a professional services business

Book No.4

title: [ ]

genre: dystopian / sci-fi / postmodern / action

theme: [ ]

Book No.5

title: Re Public

genre: philosophy / political science

theme: public / how to live well, collectively

Book No.6

title: Anatomy of a Tiny Great Nation

genre: nationality / history

theme: what does it mean to have been “originated” in one specific tiny nation

Book No.7

title: [ ]

genre: novel in spreadsheets

theme: [ ]

Book No.8

title: [ ]

genre: LLM-generated novel

theme: [ ]

Book No.9

title: [ ]

genre: poetry

theme: [ ]

Book No.10

title: The Life and Opinions of a Money Detective

genre: autobiography

theme: myth / fiction






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