The Working Title: The Magic of Algorithmic Self: Escape Default Settings, Augment Reality & Scale Your Life Exponentially

  • The first (and last) 10 books

    Book No.1 title: The Magic of the Algorithmic Self genre: fan non-fiction theme: private / the good life / how to live well, individually Book No.2 title: The Black Knight genre: children’s books theme: magical realism / contemporary fairy tales Book No.3 title: The Complete Instruction Manual for Professional Services Professional genre: business books theme:…

  • Strategic Move

    It might also be strategic to start at the market leader to build your resume and then move to a smaller firm where you can take on more significant roles more quickly

  • Build

    Build the world that you want to see in the world. Build the you that you want to see the world. (Build the app that you want to see in the world.)

  • It is useless, obviously, to talk (to write) about the Inorganic

    The Beginning: The Big Bang (Around 13.8 Billion Years Ago) The universe sprang into existence approximately 13.8 billion years ago from a singular point of infinite density and temperature, an event known as the Big Bang. This initial moment marked the beginning of space and time, and the universe has been expanding ever since. The…

  • AI cannot create this

  • What Is Love (as per Harvard Business Review)

    Love can be conceptualized as a multifaceted investment strategy characterized by the allocation of emotional, temporal, and sometimes financial resources towards the nurturing of interpersonal connections. This strategic investment is predicated on the pursuit of mutual growth, shared value creation, and the sustenance of long-term relational dividends. In essence, love embodies a commitment to the…

  • Family (by c.)

    Should you find yourself without familial ties, you may consider bypassing this chapter. Conversely, you are encouraged to proceed and recognize the potential necessity of establishing such connections in your life. It is often argued that the absence of a family can be mitigated by a robust network of friends, just as a strong familial…

  • Introduction (all at once)

    In an era where the act of searching on Google has become a quest for the superlative in every conceivable domain, we seek not just to uncover information but to access the finest the world has to offer. This book challenges the traditional barriers to intelligence and knowledge, once reserved for the affluent few, by…

  • Introduction (by chunks)

    This publication delves into the intricate web of convictions and aspirations that constitute your very essence. Indeed, you are fundamentally a confluence of these beliefs and desires. It is important to acknowledge that these elements are subject to evolution over time, influenced by a myriad of experiences, including the act of engaging with literature such…

  • Instruction Manual (for Dear Reader)

    Dear Reader, As this book has emerged out of multiple diverging needs and purposes, you may choose one of the below approaches for reading it: In short, while reading this book – feel free to be yourself (or somebody entirely else). Cheers John Kernel

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