Instruction Manual (for Dear Reader)

Dear Reader,

As this book has emerged out of multiple diverging needs and purposes, you may choose one of the below approaches for reading it:

  1. You are the proverbial random person on the street (the internet), generally curious about the “good life”, or at least a “better” life, for you and others, after all – why not?
  2. You are a self-help (self-improvement, development, learning, growth, etc.) enthusiast (and of course a geek, a bookworm), so you are vacuuming up every little bit of wisdom on how to improve yourself and live better, from tomorrow morning at latest and with especially high intensity;
  3. You are my wife reviewing the manuscript – before it goes anywhere, as nothing happens without your permission and your kind approbation;
  4. You are one (or both) of my daughters for whom this was always meant to be the Definitive Instruction Manual to Life (in accordance with the best of my limited understanding), also known as the DIM-L, to be studied in detail before embarking on any major endeavor as well as consulted on daily (or hourly) basis as needed;
  5. You are me, and so the process of writing and reading – and re-writing and re-reading, and re-re-writing and re-re-reading ad infinitum – of this book helps you to think through your life, systematically as well as in no particular order, anxiously going in mindless circles as well as methodically uncovering unexpected truths and new insights, triumphantly reaching ever greater heights and so forth.

In short, while reading this book – feel free to be yourself (or somebody entirely else).


John Kernel






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